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There’s no job too big or too small for us to take on.

Our services include excavation, site clearing, road construction, grading & drainage, boulder walls, septic systems, trucking & utility Installation.


With over twenty years of experience, and various excavators ranging in size from 4 ton to 25 ton, KB Earthworks is equipped to handle all of your excavating needs.

We have the equipment and know-how to assist with simple tasks like test pits, to more complicated projects such as raw land development, land clearing, road installation, cellar hole preparation, buried utility installation, septic systems, and hardscaping.

Site Clearing

With over 30 years of experience cutting trees in New Hampshire, KB Earthworks is fully equipped to take on your land clearing project. Whether it’s hazardous and selective tree removal, clear-cutting a lot, or view clearing, we have the technical knowledge and machinery to complete the job.

We have various excavators for all size tree jobs as well as a logging dozer and 12” whole tree chipper. We focus on safe tree removal while delivering a clean and tidy final product to our clients. KB Earthworks can transform your woodlot from forest to field with our stumping, trucking, and grading capabilities. Contact us for advice and pricing on clearing and stumping your land to suit your development needs.

Road Construction

We can help with all your road construction needs, whether its simply grading out ruts and potholes, resurfacing a soft road with new material, or starting from scratch on a new piece of land. We have the trucking, excavation, aggregate suppliers, and industry knowledge to help fix or build your roadway. We finish our roads with our vibratory, smooth-drum compacting roller to ensure the best protection from erosion and to create a smooth aesthetic.

Grading & Drainage

The wet climate of New Hampshire is constantly challenging us with drainage and erosional issues. We can rectify surficial ponding by installing drainage swales, catch-basins, underground drains, and diversional berms. We can install perimeter drains and concrete waterproofing for wet basements. We can firm up soft and eroded roads with ditching, culvert installation, and crowning. Contact us for ideas and pricing on how to fix your drainage issues.

Boulder Walls

We have a broad range of experience with construction of boulder walls ranging from simple, functional retaining walls to high-end landscape architect-designed municipal parks installations. We can help you with all of your machine-built boulder wall needs. Stone walls hold a strong place in New Hampshire’s heritage and KB Earthworks is ready to help you with the construction of your decorative or structural build.

Septic Systems

KB Earthworks has been building septic systems for over 20 years. We’ve done it all, from traditional Stone & Pipe, to more contemporary styles like Presby Environmental, Infiltrator, and Chambered systems. Let us assist you with getting a state-approved plan for your new installation or to help diagnose a fix for your failing effluent disposal system. Our priority is to deliver a quality product to clients that resolves their septic needs while keeping in mind budget and environmental precautions to accomplish this safely.

Trucking / Hauling

We are equipped for large and small trucking and hauling jobs. Whether it’s a full 10-wheeler load or a smaller dump trailer load, we can help you source and deliver your desired product. KB Earthworks is ready for your stone, sand, loam, gravel, or ledge pack deliveries. We are also outfitted to move your large or small equipment with proper insurance in place to protect your investment during transport. Let us know how we can help with your transport and delivery needs.

Utility Installation

We have a long history with helping clients achieve their underground utility installation needs. We have the equipment and industry knowledge to safely install underground power, communications, sewer, and frost protected water lines. Contact us for assistance with the design and build of your underground utility needs.

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KB Earthworks is equipped to handle a broad scope of heavy equipment work. Our goal is to satisfy all of the sitework needs of our clients.